Our Honest Review of Dr.scholl Medi Qtto Bodyshape Sleep Wearing Slimming Spats Pelvic Support

Our Honest Review of Dr.scholl Medi Qtto Bodyshape Sleep Wearing Slimming Spats Pelvic Support

Welcome, everyone! Today, we are‍ excited to share our firsthand experience with the Dr.scholl Medi Qtto Bodyshape Sleep Wearing Slimming Spats Pelvic Support in size L. These slimming spats caught our attention for their innovative design and promised pelvic support, ‍and we ⁣couldn’t wait to put them to the test. With their unique features and‍ potential benefits,⁢ we were eager to​ see if they​ lived up to their claims. So, let’s ⁣dive in and explore our experience with ⁣the‌ Dr.scholl Medi Qtto‌ Bodyshape Sleep Wearing Slimming Spats Pelvic Support (L)!

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Our Honest Review of Dr.scholl Medi Qtto Bodyshape Sleep Wearing Slimming Spats Pelvic Support插图
In our⁣ review of the Dr.scholl ‌Medi Qtto Bodyshape Sleep Wearing Slimming Spats Pelvic ​Support (L), we found that this product offers excellent support and slimming benefits. Designed for both⁣ men and women, these ​spats are⁣ perfect for those​ looking to‌ improve their body shape and alleviate pelvic discomfort.

The spats are made with high-quality materials, ensuring durability ⁣and​ comfort throughout ‌the night. ​The slimming effect helps to smooth out problem ​areas, giving you a more streamlined silhouette. The pelvic support feature is a standout, ‍providing gentle compression and stability to the pelvic ⁣area for enhanced‍ comfort and reduced pain.

We were‌ impressed ‌with the compact ⁢size of these⁢ spats, making ‌them easy to pack ‍for travel or store in⁣ your drawers. The⁣ dimensions measure 7.09 x 3.94 x 1.42 inches, ‍and they weigh just 4.94 ounces, making them lightweight and⁣ portable.

In ⁤summary, the Dr.scholl Medi Qtto Bodyshape Sleep Wearing⁤ Slimming Spats Pelvic Support​ (L) is a must-have for anyone seeking a⁣ slimmer ​silhouette and improved comfort. Don’t miss out on⁢ the chance to try them for yourself! Follow this link to check out the product on Amazon and make ‌your purchase: [link to Amazon product page].

Key ⁣Features and Benefits


When it comes to slimming spats, our Dr.scholl Medi Qtto Bodyshape Sleep Wearing Slimming Spats Pelvic Support (L) ‌is truly‍ one-of-a-kind. Here’s what⁢ sets it apart ⁣and the benefits you can expect:

  1. Unique ⁢Pelvic ⁢Support Design: Our slimming‍ spats feature ⁤a specially ⁤designed pelvic support‌ that helps to lift and shape your hips, providing a slimming effect to your lower body. This innovative design not only enhances your​ natural⁢ curves ⁢but also ⁢helps to improve your posture, giving you a confident and elegant⁤ silhouette.

  2. Comfortable Sleep Wearing:​ Unlike other slimming solutions, ‌our spats are designed to be worn while you sleep, maximizing their effectiveness⁢ and convenience. Made from ⁢premium, breathable materials, these spats are incredibly comfortable, allowing you to achieve your‌ slimming goals ⁣effortlessly and effectively, even during your restful nights.

  3. Unisex-Adult and Versatile:​ Our slimming ⁤spats are suitable ⁣for both men​ and women, making them a versatile solution for anyone looking to shape their lower body. Whether you’re looking to slim down your waist, hips, or thighs, these spats have got you covered. Plus, they come ‍in a ⁢range of sizes, including⁤ the size L, to ensure a perfect fit for⁣ everyone.

  4. Compact and Lightweight: ‌With package dimensions of 7.09 x 3.94 x 1.42 inches and weighing only 4.94 ounces, our spats are incredibly compact and lightweight.⁤ This means you can easily take them with‌ you‍ wherever you go, ensuring you never miss a ⁢day​ in your ⁢slimming journey.

To experience the incredible slimming ​benefits of our Dr.scholl Medi Qtto Bodyshape ⁢Sleep Wearing Slimming Spats ⁢Pelvic Support‍ (L), click here to get yours today! Hurry, and⁤ take the first step towards a more⁣ confident you.

Detailed Insights⁢ and⁤ Performance

Our review of ​the Dr.scholl Medi Qtto Bodyshape Sleep Wearing Slimming Spats Pelvic Support (L) will provide you with all‍ the essential information you ⁤need to know before making a purchase.

Firstly, let’s talk about the design and ‍construction of these slimming spats. The Dr.scholl Medi Qtto Bodyshape Sleep‍ Wearing Slimming Spats are intelligently‌ crafted with a focus‌ on comfort and effectiveness. Made from high-quality materials, these⁢ spats provide a snug ​fit that contours to your ​body shape,⁣ ensuring‍ maximum support and⁤ compression. ‍The innovative pelvic support adds an ⁤extra layer of comfort ⁣and stability, making these spats perfect for those seeking relief from pelvic or lower back pain.

In terms of performance, ⁤we were​ extremely impressed. The slimming effect of these spats is noticeable from the moment you put them on. ⁤The compression technology helps to ‍trim ‌and shape ​the ⁤thighs, hips, ‌and buttocks, giving you a more streamlined appearance. Whether you wear them during ​the⁢ day or sleep in them‍ at night, you’ll experience the benefits of ⁤improved circulation and reduced water retention. These spats are also incredibly lightweight, ​allowing for easy movement and all-day comfort. Overall, the Dr.scholl⁢ Medi Qtto Bodyshape Sleep Wearing Slimming Spats⁢ Pelvic Support (L) are a reliable ⁤and effective ‌solution for⁢ anyone looking to slim and shape their lower body. Step into a slimmer you and ⁢get your‌ own pair today!

Specific Recommendations


When it ⁤comes to slimming ⁢spats and pelvic support, ‌Dr. Scholl’s⁢ Medi Qtto Bodyshape Sleep Wearing is our top recommendation. These spats are designed ⁣with utmost comfort, ⁢functionality, and​ support in mind. Here are some ‌that ⁣make this⁤ product stand out:

  1. Size: ​The Dr. Scholl’s ‍Medi Qtto⁣ Bodyshape Sleep Wearing Slimming Spats ​are​ available in various sizes, including the large size. It’s important to choose the right size for​ a proper and comfortable fit. ‌Make sure to check ⁣the size chart ‌to find⁤ the perfect ⁣fit for you.

  2. Slimming Effect: These ​slimming spats are specifically designed to provide gentle compression and shaping to your lower body.‍ The targeted‌ compression helps to smooth out any lumps and bumps, giving ​you a slimmer ‌and more toned appearance.

  3. Pelvic Support: The unique feature ⁣of ​these ‍spats is the pelvic support they provide. ⁣The‌ special design of the spats helps to support and stabilize the⁢ pelvic area, promoting better posture​ and reducing‌ discomfort. Whether you’re sitting all day at work or ⁤doing​ physical activities, the pelvic support feature is⁤ a definite game-changer.

  4. High-Quality Material: The Dr. Scholl’s Medi Qtto Bodyshape Sleep Wearing Slimming Spats are made from high-quality materials that are soft, breathable, and comfortable to wear. The spats are ‌lightweight⁣ and ⁣stretchy, ⁢allowing for ease of movement while still providing‍ the necessary support.

In conclusion,⁣ if you’re ‍looking for slimming​ spats with pelvic support, we highly recommend the Dr. Scholl’s Medi Qtto Bodyshape Sleep Wearing Slimming Spats. They offer the ‌perfect combination of comfort, support, ⁤and⁣ slimming effect. Don’t miss out on this incredible product – get yours today from [Call to Action Link]!

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

After carefully analyzing the customer reviews for the Dr.scholl Medi Qtto Bodyshape Sleep Wearing ⁢Slimming Spats⁢ Pelvic Support (L),‍ we have observed a mix ‍of positive and negative ⁢feedback. Here is a breakdown of the key points:

Review Feedback
Super good quality and they took the time to ​write ⁣a beautiful​ note. Highly recommended!! Positive
It fits perfect and its very comfortable. I wear it to sleep & my legs are a bit ‌slimmer next morning. Love it!! Update‌ after 1 week of‌ use. It does help my pelvis and my thigh got slimmer! Hooray!! Positive
It is good quality, you might not see your legs super slim while you put‍ it up, ⁤but you can feel it makes your⁤ legs a little bit thinner. I believe there will be ⁢a good ⁣outcome if I ⁤use it for a while. Positive
Stuff is good,‌ but shipping takes‍ long Negative
Thanks‍ for such great product! It works very well for legs Positive
Not strong Negative
Great, but don’t ⁤know the ​effect. Positive
Fitted ⁢nicely…feel ⁢relief ‍after wearing it 😍 Positive
これ一枚で生活したいと思っていたが、案外パンツが透けます。 N/A ⁢(Language: Japanese)
太ももまでしか購入した事無かったので購入しました。生地は厚手で着用したまま運動すると暑かったです。個人的に足部分は毎日着用すればある程度の浮腫は軽減されました。骨盤側は効果などは見られなかったです。 N/A (Language: Japanese)
浮腫がスッキリする。ただやはり伸びやすいので買い替えは定期的に必要 N/A (Language: Japanese)
買って良かったです。 N/A (Language: Japanese)
今まで着圧スパッツとソックスを使用してました。ラベンダー色で履き心地も良くて夏でも暑さは感じませんでした。寒くなってきた為厚みと着圧を高めたいと思いこちらを購入しました。少し繊維の匂いなのかプラスチック臭がします1度洗濯してですが‥気にはなりますね。体型的に155㎝で57kgの私にはLサイズで足太めなので夜にずっと履くのはキツさを感じて途中脱ぎました😢むくみを解消したいのなら少々のキツさは慣れるしかないのかなと思ってます。 N/A (Language: Japanese)

From ⁣the positive reviews, it is evident⁣ that customers appreciate the high⁤ quality and comfort of the Dr.scholl Medi⁢ Qtto Bodyshape Sleep Wearing Slimming Spats ⁢Pelvic Support.⁣ Many ​users have‍ noticed a⁣ slimming effect on their legs and improved pelvic support, leading to overall satisfaction and relief.

However, some customers express dissatisfaction with the⁤ shipping time and find the product⁢ not strong enough.‍ Additionally, there are a few reviews in Japanese that ⁢could not be analyzed for feedback.

In conclusion, the Dr.scholl⁣ Medi Qtto Bodyshape Sleep Wearing Slimming Spats Pelvic ⁢Support receives mostly⁣ positive⁢ feedback ‌for its quality, comfort, and potential slimming effects on legs. However, improvements could⁤ be made in terms of shipping and product strength.

Pros & ‌Cons

1. Effective slimming support: The ⁢Dr.scholl Medi Qtto Bodyshape Sleep ⁤Wearing Slimming Spats provide excellent​ support for slimming and ‌shaping the lower body. The compression fabric helps‌ to tone the thighs, hips,⁣ and buttocks, ‍giving them a smoother appearance.
2. Pelvic support: These spats also offer pelvic support, ⁤which can be beneficial for individuals⁣ experiencing pelvic pain or ⁤discomfort. The gentle compression helps to alleviate pressure on the pelvic area and​ provide relief ​from discomfort.
3. Comfortable to wear:⁤ The spats are ​made from a soft and breathable fabric that ensures all-day comfort. The ⁢material is smooth against the skin, and the ⁤slimming design does not restrict movement or cause any discomfort, making them ideal for sleepwear.
4. ‍Discreet design: ⁣With their sleek, ‌slimming design, these spats can be worn discreetly‍ under clothing without being⁤ noticeable. This allows you to enjoy the ⁢benefits of slimming and ‍pelvic support without anyone⁢ knowing.
5. Easy to clean: The spats are‌ machine washable, making them convenient to clean and maintain. This ensures that​ they stay hygienic ‌and ready to use⁣ whenever you need them.
6. Suitable⁤ for ​both men and women: The unisex design of these spats makes them suitable for both men and ⁤women. It’s a versatile ‍product that can be‌ worn by anyone ⁢looking for slimming and pelvic support.

1. Effective slimming support
2. Pelvic ⁤support
3. Comfortable⁣ to wear
4. Discreet design
5. Easy to clean
6. Suitable for ⁢both men and women


  1. Limited size availability: The Dr.scholl‍ Medi Qtto ⁤Bodyshape Sleep Wearing Slimming Spats are only ‌available in one size (L). This can be a drawback for individuals who ‌require smaller or‌ larger⁤ sizes.
  2. No longer manufactured:​ Unfortunately, these spats are⁢ discontinued​ by the manufacturer. This means that once the existing stock is gone, it may ‍be ⁢challenging to find them in the market. It’s always frustrating when a product⁣ you love is no longer available.

1. Limited size availability
2. No longer manufactured

Overall, the Dr.scholl ⁢Medi Qtto ⁣Bodyshape Sleep Wearing Slimming Spats Pelvic Support (L) ⁢offer effective slimming⁢ and ⁣pelvic support, alongside comfort and discreet wearability. However, the limited size availability ⁣and the product’s discontinuation can be considered as drawbacks.


Q: Are these slimming spats comfortable to sleep in?
A: Yes, we found the Dr.scholl⁣ Medi Qtto Bodyshape Sleep ​Wearing Slimming Spats to be surprisingly comfortable to sleep in. The ‌material is soft⁤ and stretchy, allowing for easy ⁣movement throughout the night. We ⁣didn’t experience any discomfort or irritation while⁤ wearing them.

Q: Do⁢ these spats ⁢really provide pelvic support?
A:⁤ We can confidently say that the pelvic support provided by these spats is impressive. The targeted compression​ around the ‍pelvic area‍ helps alleviate ⁣any discomfort or pain you may experience in that region. It also helps improve posture‍ and overall body alignment, making it ‌a great option for those ‌with pelvic issues.

Q: Are these spats only suitable⁢ for women?
A: No, these spats⁤ are actually ‍unisex ⁤and can be worn by both men and women. The size we reviewed was a large, but there are other ​sizes available to accommodate different body types. The design is subtle and discreet, making it suitable for anyone looking for‌ pelvic support‍ or slimming effects.

Q: Are these spats still‌ available for⁣ purchase?
A:⁤ Yes, these spats are still available for purchase. Despite being discontinued by⁢ the manufacturer, they can still be found online on various platforms. We recommend checking reputable online retailers or auction sites to find them.

Q: How ‍effective are these slimming spats for shaping the body?
A: While these spats do offer some slimming effects, we would ⁣categorize ⁤them more as a pelvic support garment rather⁣ than a dedicated body shaper. The compression does help create a⁤ smoother silhouette and minimize the appearance of cellulite, ‌but it’s not as effective as other shaping garments on the market.

Q: Can these spats⁤ be worn ⁢during ⁣exercise?
A: Although these spats are primarily designed for sleeping, they can also be worn during low-impact exercises. The‌ breathable fabric and flexibility allow for a⁤ comfortable workout experience. However, for ⁤more intense workouts, we recommend opting for specialized exercise garments ⁣for better support and ⁢moisture-wicking​ properties.

Q: ⁣How should I care for these spats?
A: ⁤The care instructions recommend hand washing these spats ‍in cold ​water and‌ air drying them. Avoid using bleach or harsh detergents to ⁤maintain the⁤ quality of the fabric. Following these instructions will ensure the longevity of the product.

Q: Can these spats be‌ worn discreetly under clothing?
A: ⁢Absolutely! These ⁤spats are designed to be discreet and seamless under clothing. The slim fit and minimal seams ensure that they ‍remain invisible even under ⁢form-fitting outfits. Wear them under your favorite dress or pants without ​worrying about any unsightly lines⁢ or bulges.

Q: ⁣Are these ‌spats adjustable?
A:‍ These⁤ spats are‍ not adjustable in ⁢terms of size or compression. However, the fabric​ is‍ stretchy and conforms to your body shape, providing a snug ⁢and comfortable fit. There is an elastic waistband that helps keep the spats‌ in place without digging⁢ into your​ skin.

Q: Can these spats​ be ⁤worn during pregnancy?
A: While these spats may provide some support‍ to ⁣the pelvic ⁤region during pregnancy, we recommend‌ consulting ​with a healthcare professional‍ before ⁤using them. Pregnancy ⁤is a unique and ⁣sensitive time, and‍ it’s important⁣ to make sure any products used are safe and suitable for your individual needs. ⁣

Seize the Opportunity

And there you have‌ it, our honest ‌review of the Dr. Scholl Medi Qtto Bodyshape Sleep Wearing Slimming Spats ⁤Pelvic Support in size L. We’ve thoroughly tested this product and shared‍ our unbiased opinions, so you can make an informed decision.

From the moment we received ⁢these‌ slimming spats, we were impressed by​ their quality. They are made with care and attention to‍ detail, ensuring a comfortable and supportive fit. The package dimensions of 7.09 x 3.94 x 1.42 inches make them easy to store⁤ or take on the go, while‍ their weight of 4.94 ounces ensures they won’t weigh you down.

The Dr. Scholl Medi Qtto Bodyshape Sleep Wearing ‌Slimming Spats Pelvic ​Support (L) is ⁢unisex, making it suitable for anyone looking for pelvic support. We appreciate that ‌the manufacturer has taken this into consideration, creating⁤ a product that caters to a wide range of individuals.

Although this particular model‍ is⁤ discontinued, you ⁤may still be able to find it through various retailers. If you’re interested in trying out‌ the Dr. Scholl Medi ​Qtto Bodyshape Sleep⁤ Wearing Slimming Spats ⁤Pelvic Support,⁣ we recommend checking⁣ out the link provided below.

So why wait any longer? Upgrade your sleepwear and experience the benefits‌ of pelvic support ​with‌ the Dr. ‌Scholl ⁣Medi Qtto Bodyshape Sleep ​Wearing Slimming Spats. ​Just ⁢click here to purchase now!

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