Upgrade Your Bathtub with Pfister Faucet Replacement Kit!

Upgrade Your Bathtub with Pfister Faucet Replacement Kit!

If you’re in the market‌ for a sleek and stylish​ tub trim⁣ kit, look no⁢ further than the Pfister R890100 Pfirst Series 1-Handle Tub Only ⁣Trim in ⁢Polished Chrome. We recently had the opportunity to test out this product, and we were thoroughly impressed with its quality and ease of installation. With its lever handle, quick trim installation, and polished chrome finish, ‌this tub trim kit is the perfect addition ‍to ‌any bathroom.‌ Stay ​tuned as we dive into the⁤ details of our ‌experience with ⁤this Pfister ⁣tub trim kit.

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When it comes to upgrading your bathroom, the Pfister trim kit tub lever handle‌ is ‍a sleek and functional option. ⁤With its lever handle ⁣design, quick trim installation, and polished chrome finish, this tub trim⁣ kit effortlessly combines style and convenience. The trim kit is compatible with 0X8⁤ and JX8 ‌valve ⁢bodies, making ⁢it a⁢ versatile choice for various setups.

Constructed to deliver a⁣ flow rate of 1.8 gallons per ​minute, this⁤ tub spout offers ⁤quick connect installation for added ease. Keep​ in mind, ⁢this product is the⁣ trim⁣ only version,⁢ and the ⁢valve⁣ is not included.⁣ If you’re looking⁤ to complete your bathroom transformation, consider ‍checking out other coordinating options from the ‌Pfister⁢ Pfirst Series⁣ for ​a cohesive look throughout your space.

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Key Features and Benefits

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Our Pfister⁤ R890100 Pfirst ⁣Series Tub Only‌ Trim boasts a lever handle for easy use and a polished chrome finish for a sleek look in your bathroom.⁣ The quick trim installation allows you​ to attach the trim ​without any⁣ tools, ensuring a hassle-free set up.‍ With no exposed screws, this trim kit offers a clean and seamless appearance⁢ in your tub area.⁤ Designed to‍ fit 0X8 ​and JX8 valve bodies, this ⁢trim kit is versatile and convenient ⁤for a variety of setups.

The 1.8⁤ gpm tub spout delivers a steady stream​ of⁢ water for a ⁣relaxing bath‌ experience. The quick connect⁢ tub spout makes ​installation a‌ breeze,​ while⁢ the ​trim-only ‌design allows you to customize your tub with a valve of⁢ your choice (not included). Complete your bathroom‍ collection with​ coordinating ‌lavatory and roman tub options ‍for a cohesive and stylish⁤ look. Upgrade your tub with the Pfister R890100 Pfirst Series Tub‍ Only ​Trim today! Check it out on Amazon for more details. Shop‍ now!

In-Depth Analysis and ‍Performance

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When it comes to the Pfister R890100 Pfirst ​Series⁣ 1-Handle Tub Only Trim, Polished Chrome, we were thoroughly impressed with its performance during our in-depth‌ analysis. The Lever‌ Handle makes adjusting water flow and temperature a breeze, while the Quick Trim ‍Installation feature​ ensures a hassle-free installation process without the need for tools. With no‍ exposed screws, ⁢this tub trim​ kit provides a⁤ sleek and⁣ seamless look ​that will elevate the aesthetic of any ⁣bathroom.

We found​ that this ⁤tub trim⁤ kit‍ is compatible with 0X8 and JX8 Valve Bodies,⁣ offering‌ versatility and ‌convenience for‍ a variety⁣ of setups. The 1.8 gpm flow⁤ rate of ​the​ Tub Spout delivers a satisfying stream of water, while the Quick Connect Tub⁣ Spout allows for easy attachment. Trim Only, Valve Not Included. With a ⁢complete collection of coordinating ⁢lavatory and ‍Roman tub ‌options available, this tub ​trim kit is a stylish and practical addition to ‌any⁣ bathroom renovation project. Don’t miss out on the opportunity ‍to enhance your bathing​ experience ⁤with this ​top-notch product – check⁢ it out​ on Amazon ‍today!

Expert ​Recommendations

After testing out⁢ the Pfister R890100 Pfirst⁣ Series 1-Handle Tub Only Trim, we ‌are pleased to⁤ share our expert‌ recommendation with you. This polished chrome trim kit is⁢ not only sleek and ⁣modern in design, but also easy to install with its ⁤quick ​trim ⁤installation feature.‌ We particularly loved the lever handle, which⁣ adds ⁤a touch of elegance ⁤to ‌any bathroom.

With a 1.8 gpm tub spout and‍ quick connect tub spout, this ‌trim kit is‌ both functional ⁤and stylish. It fits 0X8 ‍and ‌JX8 valve ⁢bodies, making it‍ versatile and compatible with ⁣a range of setups. For a complete look, this trim kit ⁣can be paired with coordinating lavatory and Roman tub options from the ​same collection. Upgrade your bathroom with the Pfister R890100 Pfirst ‍Series 1-Handle Tub Only Trim in⁢ polished ‌chrome today!

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Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing the customer reviews for the ⁣Pfister R890100 Pfirst Series 1-Handle Tub Only⁢ Trim, Polished Chrome, we have noticed a⁢ few key points that stand out:

  1. Easy Installation: Many customers mentioned that the installation process was simple and quick, with one‌ reviewer noting‌ that​ it was a simple ​swap from old to new without the need ‍for additional screws.
  2. Price: Customers appreciated the competitive pricing of the product,‌ with ​some⁤ mentioning⁤ that⁢ they saved money by purchasing it ⁢on‌ Amazon instead of a local⁣ store.
  3. Product⁣ Quality: Overall, customers were pleased with the ⁣quality of the product, giving it high ratings ⁢for‌ durability​ and appearance.
  4. Missing Parts:⁤ Some customers mentioned​ that the spout did not come with the ‌necessary adapter, leading to disappointment ⁤and⁤ the need to purchase additional parts separately.
  5. Compatibility Issues: A few ​customers reported that the product did not fit their ⁢current ​setup, causing ⁣them to return it.

Overall, the Pfister R890100 Pfirst⁣ Series 1-Handle Tub ⁤Only Trim,‌ Polished Chrome ​seems to be a ‍good⁤ option for those⁤ looking to upgrade their bathtub fixtures, with the main drawbacks being potential missing parts and compatibility​ issues for some users.

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons


1 Easy ⁤installation with quick trim feature
2 Polished chrome ⁢finish adds a sleek look to ​your bathtub
3 Saves water with 1.8 gpm flow rate


1 Valve not included, ⁢must purchase separately
2 Does ⁢not include coordinating lavatory ⁢and roman tub options


Q: Does this ‍trim kit come‌ with ⁤the valve included?

A: No, this tub-only trim kit ‌does not include the​ valve. You will need to purchase either⁣ the ‌0X8 or JX8 Valve⁢ Bodies ⁤separately to complete your installation.

Q: Is this product easy to ​install?

A: Yes,‍ the Pfister R890100 Pfirst Series Tub Only Trim features Quick Trim Installation that attaches without the need for‌ tools. Plus,‍ there are no exposed screws for a ⁤sleek and seamless look.

Q:⁢ Can I use this trim kit with ​other ​Pfister faucet collections?

A: Yes, this trim ‍kit is ‍designed ⁣to be part of ⁢the Pfister ‍Pfirst Series, but it⁤ can also be coordinated with other ‌Pfister collections for ⁣a cohesive look⁢ throughout your bathroom.

Q: Does the tub spout have​ a ⁣quick ‌connect‍ feature?

A: Yes, the tub ⁤spout ​included in this trim kit has a quick connect‌ feature for easy installation and replacement.

Q: What is the flow rate⁤ of the tub spout?

A: The tub‌ spout⁣ included in this trim ‌kit has ​a flow rate of ‍1.8​ gallons per minute, providing​ a steady and consistent stream of⁢ water for your bath time enjoyment.

Experience the Difference

As we ⁤wrap up our review of the Pfister R890100 Pfirst Series‍ 1-Handle Tub Only Trim in Polished Chrome, ​we can confidently say that⁤ this upgrade is a must-have for your bathtub! With its sleek design, easy installation, and compatibility ⁣with various ⁤valve bodies, ‍this⁣ trim kit will‌ give your bathroom a fresh ‌new look.

If you’re ready to‌ take ⁣your bathtub to the next level, don’t ​hesitate to click the​ link below and get your hands on this ⁢amazing product now:

Upgrade your bathtub with⁤ Pfister⁢ Faucet​ Replacement ‌Kit!

Thank⁤ you for reading our ​review, and we hope you enjoy⁤ your⁤ new and improved bathtub experience with Pfister!

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