Upgrade Your Mobile Home Bathroom with the Danco Tub & Shower Faucet!

Upgrade Your Mobile Home Bathroom with the Danco Tub & Shower Faucet!

Are you looking for an easy way to update your mobile home ⁣bathroom with a modern touch? Look no‌ further than the Danco ⁤Mobile Home ⁢Center-Set Tub/Shower Faucet 8″ in Brushed Nickel. We recently had the pleasure of trying out this ‍sleek‍ and stylish faucet, and we were impressed by its design ‍and functionality. With separate handles for‌ hot and cold water, you can easily adjust ⁢the temperature​ to your liking. The 8 inch center-set design and lever style ‍handles give your tub/shower a contemporary look, while the brushed nickel ‌finish adds ​a ‌touch ‍of elegance. ‌Join us as we dive into the⁢ details ⁣of ‌this must-have mobile home accessory!

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When ⁤it comes to updating ‌your mobile home ‍bathroom, the‍ Danco Tub and Shower Faucet is a game-changer. With ‌its sleek 8-inch center-set design⁢ and modern⁢ lever style ⁢handles, this faucet brings a​ touch of ⁤sophistication to your tub/shower area.‌ The separate ​handles for hot and cold water ensure you can easily adjust the water to your desired​ temperature, providing a comfortable and enjoyable⁣ shower experience.

<p>The classic chrome finish of this faucet effortlessly blends in with existing chrome bathroom decor, making it a seamless addition to your space. The 2-handle design with precise adjustment options, outer water connections set 8 inches apart, and a diverter spout measuring 5 inches, all contribute to the functionality and style of this faucet. If you're looking to elevate the look and feel of your mobile home or RV bathroom, this Danco Tub and Shower Faucet is the perfect choice.</p>

Upgrade ‍your mobile home bathroom now with the Danco Tub ⁣and Shower⁢ Faucet!

Key Features and Benefits

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When⁤ it comes ⁤to ⁢updating your mobile home bathroom, the Danco Tub ​and ‌Shower Faucet is a⁤ must-have. The⁢ 8 ​inch center-set design​ and sleek lever ​style⁤ handles give your tub/shower area a modern and​ sophisticated look. The separate handles for hot and cold water provide you with the ‌ability to easily regulate the ‍water‌ to your desired ‍temperature, ensuring a ⁤comfortable shower experience every time.

Not only ⁣does this faucet offer functionality, but it also seamlessly matches with existing chrome bathroom décor, thanks⁢ to its‌ classic chrome finish. The 2-handle design with outer water connections set 8 inches apart, provides precise ⁢adjustment and ease of use. With an overall faucet base ‌width ‍of 10-1/2 inches, a base ‌depth of 3 inches, and a diverter spout of 5 inches, this faucet is ‍perfect for ‌any mobile home or RV bathroom. Upgrade your​ bathroom with the Danco Tub‌ and Shower Faucet now!

Features Benefits
Lever style handles Easy to use and‍ adjust water temperature
Chrome finish Seamlessly matches with existing bathroom décor
8 inch center-set design Modern and sophisticated⁢ look

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In-Depth Analysis

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When it comes to updating⁣ your mobile home bathroom, the Danco Tub and Shower Faucet is a must-have. This‍ faucet features a sleek ⁣and modern 8-inch center-set design with lever‌ style handles, giving your tub/shower a fresh ⁤and contemporary ⁣look. The ⁣separate handles for​ hot and ⁢cold water ⁤make it easy to adjust the temperature just the way ‍you ​like​ it. The classic chrome finish seamlessly matches with existing bathroom‍ décor, ⁣adding a touch of elegance to your space.

One of the standout features of‌ this faucet is⁤ its 2-handle design, which allows for precise‍ adjustment of water temperature. The outer ‍water connections ⁣are set 8 ⁤inches apart, with a width of 4 ⁣inches between⁣ the‍ outer connections to the middle connections. The overall faucet base is ​10-1/2 inches‍ wide, with a base depth of 3 inches from front to back.⁣ The diverter spout is ⁢5 ​inches long, adding both functionality‍ and style to your bathroom. With its ⁢lever style handles ⁤and chrome finish, this faucet is sure​ to complement any existing⁢ décor in your mobile home ⁢or RV.‍ Upgrade your bathroom today with the Danco Tub and Shower Faucet! Ready to enhance ⁤your⁣ mobile‌ home bathroom? Click here to get ​your own Danco Tub and Shower Faucet now!


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Looking for a sleek and modern update for your mobile home bathroom? Look no further than the Danco Tub and ⁣Shower Faucet.‌ With an 8-inch center-set design and lever style handles, this faucet will ⁣give ‍your tub/shower a fresh new ⁣look. ⁢The separate ‍handles for⁤ hot⁤ and ‍cold water make it easy to⁢ find⁢ the perfect temperature every time. ‌Plus, the classic chrome finish seamlessly⁤ matches⁣ your existing bathroom décor.

Our favorite feature of this faucet ​is the 2-handle design, which ⁤allows for precise adjustment of water temperature. The outer ‌water connections are ⁢set 8 inches apart, with‍ a ⁢width ‌of 4 inches between the outer and middle connections. ⁤The overall faucet base‍ is 10-1/2 inches wide, with a base depth of⁢ 3 inches and a 5-inch diverter spout. The lever⁤ style handles and chrome finish make this faucet a perfect match for any ⁤mobile home or RV bathroom. Upgrade your space ‌today with the ‌Danco Tub and ‍Shower Faucet!

  • Elegant​ 8-inch center-set design
  • Lever style handles for easy water temperature adjustment
  • Classic chrome finish complements ‌existing​ bathroom décor
  • Perfect for ⁤mobile‍ homes and ‍RVs

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Customer⁣ Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

After going through ‌the customer ‍reviews for the Danco Mobile‍ Home⁤ Center-Set Tub/Shower Faucet 8″ in Brushed‌ Nickel, we found ‍that opinions were mixed. ⁣However, the majority of customers seem to be ⁤satisfied with their purchase.

Positive Reviews
Good⁤ fit for⁤ mobile home
Easy to install
Looks great

Negative Reviews
Some customers found it to be made out ​of ‌plastic
Some experienced‍ issues⁤ with parts breaking

Overall, it seems that the ‍Danco Tub & Shower Faucet is a decent option for those looking to upgrade⁣ their mobile home bathroom.‌ While ‍some customers did have concerns about the plastic material and durability,⁢ many others were satisfied ‌with the fit, appearance, and functionality of the faucet.⁣ As always, we recommend considering all factors‍ before‌ making a decision on your purchase.

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons


1. 8 inch center-set⁤ design ⁣for a modern look
2. Separate handles for hot and cold water‌ for precise temperature control
3. Classic chrome finish matches existing bathroom⁤ décor
4. Easy to install


1. Some users may prefer a different finish than chrome
2. Not suitable for all​ types of tubs⁢ and showers

Overall, the Danco Mobile‌ Home Center-Set Tub/Shower Faucet ⁢8″ in Brushed Nickel⁣ is a great option for upgrading your mobile home bathroom. While it may not be suitable for all types of tubs and showers, its modern design, precise temperature control, and ‌easy installation make⁤ it a solid choice for those looking to refresh ⁣their bathroom.


Q: Is this faucet compatible with all standard mobile home plumbing​ systems?
A: Yes, the⁣ Danco Tub and Shower Faucet⁢ is designed to fit ​most standard mobile home ⁣plumbing systems, making it ⁣a convenient and easy upgrade for‍ your bathroom.

Q: How difficult is ⁤it ⁤to install this faucet?
A: Installing this faucet is ⁢relatively easy and straightforward. It comes with‌ detailed instructions and all the necessary hardware for installation. However, if you are not‍ comfortable with DIY projects, ⁣we recommend hiring a‍ professional‌ plumber ‍to ensure proper installation.

Q: ⁢Can I use this‌ faucet in my RV or camper?
A: Yes, this faucet can‌ be used in RVs and campers‍ as well. Its design and dimensions make it⁣ a versatile option for various ‌mobile home applications.

Q: Does this‍ faucet come with a​ warranty?
A: Yes, the Danco Tub ​and Shower Faucet‌ comes with a limited warranty‌ to ⁤provide you‍ with peace of mind regarding its⁤ quality and longevity.

Q:‌ Can I switch out the handles for a different style?
A: While ‍the faucet⁤ comes‍ with lever style handles, you may be able to switch them ‌out for a different style if desired. ⁤However, we recommend contacting the manufacturer for guidance on compatible ⁤handle ⁢replacements.

Seize the⁢ Opportunity

As we wrap ⁤up our review of the Danco ⁢Mobile Home Center-Set Tub/Shower Faucet 8″, Brushed Nickel, 10883X, we hope you are as excited as we are about the opportunity to upgrade your mobile home bathroom. With‌ its modern design, precise water temperature control, and seamless chrome finish, this faucet is sure to elevate your bathing ​experience. Don’t wait any longer to give your ‌bathroom⁢ a fresh new look – click here to purchase your very own ⁤Danco Tub ⁤& Shower Faucet now: Buy Now!

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